Python Command Sheets

  Applied Programming
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What are "Command Sheets"

The command sheets contain a list of Python code snippets that represent most of the Python commands needed to complete assignments in HSU's Applied Programming course. We encourage each student to independently complete every homework assignment by referring only to the assignment instructions and the command-sheet for the course (and if necessary the official Python documentation found at In addition, students will be allowed to access the command sheet (without commentary) when taking exams.


Learning to be a proficient programmer involves a variety of skills and knowledge:

In order to gain this knowledge you need to be exposed to it and then repeatedly try to recall it (without looking it up). And to become proficient with these skills you need to practice them. For a fairly extensive overview of successful strategies for learning to program take a look at The ABC's and 3P's of Learning to Program.


By providing a command summary we provide our students with a ready resource, which when used to the exclusion of other resources, results in the skills needed to be a proficient programmer. Of course, there are times when a student may want to go “above and beyond” for a particular assignment and so may need to access other resources. We are not discouraging this practice. We do, however, want our students to first do the basic assignment without external aids. Then they are free to experiment, read, learn, grow as much as they'd like!