Linux QuickStart pdf version are available.

This document is for use in the Linux lab in JB 202. You must have an existing account and password to complete these steps. You need to follow these steps only the first time you log in to your account:

Choose a computer.
Go to the computer lab in Johnson Building 202. You will not be able to complete these instructions from any other location.

Log in.
At the opening screen enter your username and then press Enter. When prompted for a password type your password. Once you've logged for the first time you will see a welcome screen that provides various links. Don't feel obligated to follow any of the links, though you are welcome to do so. Uncheck the “Show this dialog at startup” check box; then close the welcome screen.

Configure Firefox.
Start the Firefox browser by clicking on the orange and blue Firefox icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Navigate to Then save as your home page by clicking on the hamburger icon in the top-right of the browser and selecting Preferences. Then click on Use Current Page and then close the tab.

Using a Terminal Window
We will use a terminal window often to type various commands and to launch some programs that do not appear in the menu system. To open a terminal window click on the black icon (with white/gray border) in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Change your password.
The initial password assigned to you is not very secure, so you should select a new password. To change your password click in the terminal window you just opened and type the command: yppasswd

You will be asked to enter your current (old) password first followed by your new password (twice). NOTE: When you type your password no characters appear--not even asterisks. Assuming your password was changed succesfully you will use your newly selected password for future logins.

Log out
Close any open windows. To log out click the "menu" button in the task bar followed by the power button which is turned sideways. This button appears right above the traditional-looking power button. This should produce a dialog box that gives you the option to “Log Out”.

Test new password.
Now that you've successfully logged out, test your new password by using it to log in again. When finished log out again.