Computer Science Halloween Party

It is time once again for our annual CSCI Halloween Party. If you have any grand ideas of something you want to happen at this party, let me know! Here are a few details:

Klayton's Awesome Countdown

Special thanks for Klayton O'Neal for making a super-cool countdown!

Directions to the Sergeants' House

710 Diamond Lake Drive
Abilene, TX 79601
(325) 670-1292

Diamond Lake Drive is a one-block street off of Washington Avenue. Our house is the last house on the right side of the the street. Look for a brick mailbox and a long sidewalk from the road to the house. You can park on the street along the front side of the house or in the driveway or in the cul de sac.

Here's what Google Maps has to say about our location:

Sergeant's House