The Computing Degrees

These are the specific computing degrees currently available at HSU. Click on a link to see the specific requirements. Look below for quick high-level descriptions of the various degrees and majors.

The Plain English Guide to Computing Majors

HSU offers a variety of computing-related degrees. This is a quick description of how our terminology and what we mean by these terms.

Computer Science at HSU combines some of the classical theories foundational to traditional computer science with applied topics and tools. So, we have less theory and more practice than a classical computer science program. For example: Yes you will learn the mathematical definition of Theta and how to analyze the complexity of an algorithm. You will not learn how to to prove an algorithm is NP-complete by using a Turing machine. You will learn how to write programs, use git, work from a command-line, etc. You will not learn how to build a computer, run cable through conduit, or how to use some specific program.
Information Systems at HSU is a business degree with a computing focus. Your computing coursework will involve some programming but will involve courses that are heavier and practice and lighter on theory.
Human-Computer Interaction at HSU combines some computing courses (including programming, web, and UI/UX) with psychology and art courses. This degree is about designing systems that are usable by people.

Plain English Guide to Degree Categories

Any degree from HSU will involve certain core courses regardless of the degree or major. Each degree category (B.S. vs B.A. for example) will have some additional requirements that are common among the various majors in that degree. Here are the categories of degrees in which computing majors are possible:

B.S. (Bachelor of Science) is a science degree and as such requires a year of physics and a minor from one of the natural sciences.
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) is a classical liberal arts degree that requires two-years in a foreign language.
B.B.S. (Bachelor of Behavioral Science) is a general-purpose degree that requires at least 15 hours from the behavioral sciences (PSYC, SOCI, POLS, HIST, ECON, PHIL).
B.S.H.S. (Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences) at HSU is quite similar to the B.B.S. degree.
B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a business degree with a broad business core (accounting, management, finance, marketing, etc.).