title lastname firstname year
Disturbing Stranger Aburamen Nakayo 2005
Murder After Hours Acasio Felinor 2005
A Lasting Kind of Love Baines David 2005
Devil Lover Ballo B 2005
Out of the Dark Balunso Jaime 2006
Flight of Discovery Correa Mildred 2005
Lady Escapade Cortez D 2005
The Cat Who Lived High Faber Vance 2006
Dark Dream Falcinella Stephen 2005
Lily and the Lion Forbes Robert 2006
Embraced by Destiny Freeman Melanie 2005
The Scheme of Things French Dale 2005
Beau Guest Hicks James 2006
The Gallant Governess Higashi K 2005
The Shy Young Denbury Hills Karen 2006
Margarita Ikeda Hiroshi 2005
A Kind of Honor Imade K 2005
The Hunters and the Hunted Inocencio Ambrocio 2005
Fugitive Wife Inouye Alex 2005
No Quiet Refuge Johnson Edward 2006
Puritan Wife Low Clayton 2005
The Under Dog and Other Stories Luna Layne 2006
Annabelle Meyers Jason 2006
Mother of the Bride Michailoff Vladimir 2005
Second-best Bride Miller Alan 2005
The Calico Countess Miller Rebecca 2006
A Bride's Temptation Nerona Ruben 2006
Lovers and Other Killers Ngirmidol Lorenzo 2006
The Valentine's Day Ball Orallo Federico 2006
A Whisper on the Wind Pearce Matthew 2005
The Camelot Caper Pereira Caroline 2006
The Pink Phaeton Quale Steve 2005
The Frost Fair Quebral Brigido 2005
The Fortunate Marriage Queja F 2006
A Wager for Love Querubin M 2005
The ABC Murders Robins Tommy 2005
Silver Jasmine Rocero Romeo 2006
Memories of the Past Saito Colin 2005
Bride of Chance Sakaguchi E 2005
The Devil's Dare Sakamoto Glenn 2006
Sweet's Folly Sakihara Alvin 2006
Marriage to a Stranger Salmon Patricia 2006
The Miser Torioka Roy 2005
Elephants Can Remember Uemura M 2006
Bella Vetterli E 2005
A Game of Hearts Wipperman R 2006
Appearances of Death Withington J 2006
A Certain Magic Wittbrodt G 2005
Innocent Seduction Yamada Gene 2006
The Apollo Man Yamada Masao 2006
Gentle Conquest Yamagata Dave 2006
Bewitching Love Stories Yamaguchi Gilbert 2006
Lady Margery's Intrigue Yamaguchi Kiyoichi 2005
The Highland Countess Yamaguchi P 2005
Christmas Belles Yamamoto Robert 2005
The Scandalous Miss Yamasaki Gerald 2005
Refining Felicity Yamasaki Mae 2005
Smoke and Mirrors Zydervelt William 2005