Group Project Week 5 due Mon 23 Apr 11:00

The group project provides extensive experience in using a web ...
in writing a complete web application, and in working on a team.


By the due date you need to have done the following:
  1. Worked on items on your checklist. I'm expecting that you will spend four hours a week on the project (outside of class time).
  2. Documented your progress in Trello (including a comment in which you indicate the amount of time you spent on the project this week (outside of class).
  3. Commit in your local repository the work you have done (which will be merged in class on Monday).

When you come to class on the due date:

  1. Each team member should have committed work in their local repository on (with no changes to the code base since the last commit). Your team will begin the process of merging code into one team member's repository. Once all code is merged that team member will push changes to BitBucket. Then each other team member will pull changes from BitBucket.
  2. After the merge is complete create a Trello card for next week and on it create a checklist. The first item of the checklist should name what you plan to have done for the prelab assignment before class on Wednesday.


On the due date (Monday) your contributions to the project will be graded according to the following rubric:

2 pts Self-reported estimate of time spent outside of class on project (4 hours is minimum expectation)
2 pts Class attendance
2 pts Documentation of work in Trello
10 pts Quality and quantity of work produced since the last due date (according to git commits in the group BitBucket repository

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