Group Project Week 1 due Mon 26 Mar 11:00

The group project provides extensive experience in using a web ...
in writing a complete web application, and in working on a team.


For this first assignment it would be ideal if all team members could be working in the same location. In future assignments it will be easier to working more independently. On the due date your team should have accomplished the following steps:

  1. Establish a working ``hello world'' Laravel instance in one team member's web space in a directory called project.
  2. Establish the project directory as a git repository.
  3. Establish a private repository in BitBucket indicating that you have an ``existing project'' from which the new repository will be built.
  4. Once the bitbucket repository is created, share it with the instructor ( and with all group members.
  5. Each group member should clone the BitBucket repository into a directory called project in their own web space on IMPORTANT NOTE: This step will take an hour or two because Laravel (conveniently) provides a thoughtful .gitignore file by default which means that not all the files are versioned. The benefit is that you don't take up space/resources versioning files that don't need it. The downside is that you need to replace non-versioned files by either manually creating missing files with useful values or by executing commands to install missing files.
  6. Once everyone has a local (working) copy of the repository the group should create a simple but attractive template based on the selected CSS framework. The template should be used as a basis for establishing the structure for the home page. The template should, of course, load CSS files from the framework as well as jQuery and other needed Javascript code. Also, include a custom.js file that will eventually contain custom CSS rules for the site.
  7. Take some time to determine what controllers will make sense for the future of the project. Choose meaningful names for these controllers. In a small project having three or four controllers is typical (e.g., one to handle authentication, another for ajax requests, and one for each major function the application will provide.
  8. Create all the routes that were identify in the design you creating on lab day. If possible you want to avoid adding new routes as having multiple people working on the routes file will cause merge conflicts.
  9. Once the template, controllers, and routes have been established, commit the work in the local repository where the work was taking place. We will practice merging in class on Monday.


In this assignment there are 16 possible points with 12 points be allocated to a group grade based on the completeness of the instructions above. The remaining 4 points are individual points based on whether or not your local copy of the repository is working.

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