Laravel 1 due Mon 26 Feb 11:00

In completing this assignment you will:
...ignment to display
book data to our application.


At the end of this assignment a visit to should make use of a template to display all listings in your book database with the same results as the previous assignment. The Ajax behavior will not be implemented in this assignment.

When dealing with the database there are several things to consider:

  1. Add database credentials to config/database.php. Be sure to specify pgsql as the default connection.
  2. Remove conflicting database connection information in the hidden .env file. You can comment out lines in that file by putting #'s at the beginning of the line.
  3. Use the DB notation to read from your existing database.
    	$result= DB::select('select * from students WHERE name=? AND age<?',[$name,25]);
    NOTE: For this notation to work you'll need to add use DB; at the appropriate place in your controller.
  4. REMEMBER: The controller will get the data and then pass the result to the view.

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