HW12: Full Circle due Thu 07 Dec 13:20


In this assignment you will:


In all you do please remember that being a part of CSCI@HSU means DOING THE RIGHT THING.

So, do this assignment in a way that demonstrates integrity, develops competence, is correct, and honors God ... because what we do matters!

Allowed and Disallowed Resources

In completing this assignment you MAY use/access the following resources:

You may NOT use/access:

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a zero for the assignment and the incident will be reported to the university provost as a violation of the university academic integrity policy. A second incident of academic dishonesty (whether from this course or another computer science course) will result in an F in the course.


In the first two assignments of the semester you chose a topic and designed a page around it. Now that you have learned a number of client-side techniques it is time for you to apply what you learned to that project. Your final solution should be placed in your hw12 directory in your workspace within a separate directory named my_project. It will be graded as follows:

6 pts Framework You should utilize an existing CSS framework (BootStrap is fine for this, but you can use something different if you want.) The chosen CSS framework should be utilized substantially and appropriately.
6 pts Responsive The site should look good on a range of screen sizes from phone to wide screen and should employ at least 3 break points.
4 pts Aesthetics The site should be aethetically pleasing by making effective use of color, graphics, and spacing.
6 pts User Form The site should employ a form that utilizes as many of the features demonstrated in https://josephus.hsutx.edu/classes/w1/source/form8.html as makes sense.
4 pts Dynamic The site shoud include some dynamic behavior that modifies the page in some way (beyond typical behavior of the User Form). It might be drag and drop, adding/removing elements, etc.
4 pts localStorage The site should make use of localStorage to provide app-like persistence of data.
2 pts Organization The site should use a conventional directory structure for organizing the various source files needed.
4 pts Cohesive The various pages and features of the site should fit together in a meaningful way.
36 pts Total