HW11: LocalStorage and the List App due Tue 21 Nov 13:20


In this assignment you will:

Allowed and Disallowed Resources

The requirements with regards to allowed and disallowed resources for this assignment are the same as for homework #10.


In this assignment we will finish the list app for the semester and will leave the door open for future enhancements. This assignment requires some good thought on your part.

Part 1: Implement Update Behavior (12 pts)

You may remember that each item in the list is stored in an editable text box which allows the ability to modify an entry in the list after it has been added. Rules regarding modifying an entry can be tricky. Here is how will will have modified entries behave:

Part 2: Opening Door for Future Enhancements (12 pts)

Some advise before you start this section: Commit and push your current work just in case you make a mess and want a fresh start!

It our current version of this application the user is limited to using only a single list. Suppose we wanted to all usage of multiple lists. In this way the user would select which list they want to work with and could manage multiple lists by switching among them.

To make this concept a full-fledged implementation we would need to provide ways to create multiple lists, remove lists, select a list for current use, etc. For this assignment we will only do the last part as follows:

Modifying the app to allow multiple lists will require some good thinking. NOTE: You do NOT need to implement the ability to add new lists and delete lists from the interface (we will just add/remove the lists by writing custom code in the Javascript file for testing purposes.

Grading and Submission

Your final solution should be place in your hw11 directory in your work space and should be pushed to BitBucket.