HW09: The Shopping List due Tue 07 Nov 13:20


In this assignment you will:

Allowed and Disallowed Resources

The guidelines for allowed and disallowed resources are the same as given in homework 5.


In this assignment you will begin creating a simple list-making web application. We will continue to add features to this application as we move through the semester. The basic idea is that a user will be able to create a list, mark items off the list, etc.


To get started with the application, copy these source files into the hw09 directory of your work space:

Take time to look at the code provided. Notice there are two side-by-side panels. The left panel holds a text box and an Add button and the right panel has an empty unordered list (ul). When the Add button is clicked we want the contents of the text box to be added to the ul as a list-item.

By the end of the assignment your list should allow adding of editable items to the list and each item should have its own `X' button that will work as a toggle to mark out the item if it has been completed (or unmark it if clicked again). You will also provide buttons for deleting/marking/unmarking all items.

IMPORTANT: Remember, the goal is for you to practice/learn these concepts. Only use the resources specifically allowed!

Here is a suggested set of steps:

Grading and Submission

Your final solution should be place in your hw09 directory in your webspace and should be committed and pushed to bitbucket.