Planning a Site due Tue 05 Sep 13:20

This assignment marks the beginning of a series of assignments ...
... of your work as each
assignment will build on the previous one.

Designing a Web Site

As discussed in class, the content of your web site is up to you. You are welcome to change plans mid-stream if you grow bored with your original site.

For this assignment you will design (on paper) your web site. Your site should include the following elements:

Create and turn in on paper the following:

These documents can be written/drawn by hand if you prefer. Bring your title page and sketches to class on the due date. You may want to keep a copy of those pages so you can reference them as you begin work on assignments that will follow.

Making a Skeleton Site

In the hw01 directory in your web space (public_html/hw01) on create a new document called home.html that contains titles, text, links, and photos that you will want to be on your home page. NOTE: This will require some time on your part to create the text you want on the home page and to procure photos and other resources you want to have on your site.

For this part of the assignment you do not need to worry about trying to make the home page match your design drawing. Instead, just produce the HTML code to display the contents of the page. We'll make it prettier in the next assignment.


This portion of the assignment is optional, but may be worth your time, especially if you have experience using git. For most assignments this semester I will be grading your work by looking in your web space on the csci server. It can be helpful for you, however, to keep a backup of your work in the cloud. One way to accomplish this is to establish your public_html directory as a git repository and then publish in a private git repository on After each work session you can commit your work and push it up to BitBucket. Doing so will not only provide a backup but it will also give you a revision history in case you ever make a change you want to undo.

On the server:

In your BitBucket account:

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