Senior Project

CSCI 4355 Spring 2018

Instructor Information

Name : Terry Sergeant   Office Hours
E-Mail : MW 8:30-10:00; 1:45-2:45  
Office : JB 322 TTh 8:30-9:30; 1:45-2:45  
Phone : 670-1292 Fri 9:00-10:00  
Web Site :      


Description : Students, working in a group setting, will draw upon knowledge and skills obtained in earlier CSCI courses to design, implement, and refine a significant project. Emphasis will be place on critical thinking and on the synthesis of concepts and techniques in computer science. The course will include a comprehensive exam of CSCI concepts from throughout the degree program.
Prerequisites : CSCI 4322
Textbook : None


Your grade in the course will be earned / calculated as follows:

Semester Team Project   80%
Final Exam   20%
A $\rightarrow$ 90 - 100
B $\rightarrow$ 80 - 89
C $\rightarrow$ 70 - 79
D $\rightarrow$ 60 - 69
F $\rightarrow$ 0 - 59

Final Exam

The final exam will be in the form of a written exam given at the end of the semester. As required by the course description, the exam is intended to be comprehensive over the entire CSCI curriculum. Guidelines and expectations will be provided at the appropriate time in the semester.

Project Learning Objectives

The purpose of the project is to enhance learning in the following ways:

Project Overview

There are a couple of projects that will be taking place this semester. Although the projects are quite different they will be assessed as follows:
Requirement Pts Description
Design & First Steps 60 pts In this phase you will define the problem, research options, make plans, and produce proof-of-concept code snippets.
Implementation 350 pts By the end of this phase the project should be completely working.
Presentation 60 pts The entire team will participate in demonstrating the project results with each individual highlighting their contributions.
Peer Review 30 pts At the end of the semester each team member will engage in a confidential interview with the instructor to provide feedback on what it was like to work with each team member.
Total 500 pts  

Course Calendar

Week Date Topic / Schedules
Week 1 16 Jan Introduction to Project(s)
Week 2 23 Jan Design & First Steps
Week 3 30 Jan Tue: Design Due; Implementation
Week 4 06 Feb Implementation
Week 5 13 Feb Implementation
Week 6 20 Feb Implementation
Week 7 27 Feb Implementation
Week 8 06 Mar Implementation
Week X 13 Mar Spring Break!
Week 9 20 Mar Implementation
Week 10 27 Mar Implementation
Week 11 03 Apr Implementation
Week 12 10 Apr Implementation
Week 13 17 Apr Implementation
Week 14 24 Apr Tue: Implementation Due; Prep for Presentations
Week 15 01 May Tue: Presentations; Thu: Peer Reviews
  10 May Final Exam Thu at 1pm

Senior Project

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