Peer Review due Thu 27 Apr 14:45

This assignment provides an opportunity for team members to con...
their experiences in working with their fellow team members.

General Instructions

On the due date you will visit with the instructor at the assigned time for a confidential review of your peers. During the interview you will answer these questions about each team member:
Was xxx easy to work with?

Did xxx communicate well with other group members?

Did xxx do their share of the work?

How would you rate the quality of xxx's work?

Did xxx come to meetings on time and keep deadlines set by the group?

Are there any complaints about or compliments for xxx you would like to share?

Your grade for this assignment will not be based on your own answers, but rather on the answers provided by your peers. Individual responses will not be divulged, however, you will be provided feedback regarding the grade you receive based on the peer review.

Senior Project