Presentation due Tue 02 May 14:45

This assignment gives practice in organizing one's thoughts for the purpose
of explaining a complex system to others.

General Instructions

The group will present the results of their project in a face-to-face presentation attended by students and faculty. The presentation should be approximately 35 minutes in length with each team member participating in some meaningful way. The presentation should demonstrate the project appropriately and should highlight the portions of the project accomplished by each team member. Some topics you might consider:

NOTE: The list above is not intended to be a checklist, but rather to get your thoughts moving. The main thing is that you want to connect with your audience. In this case I think there is a two-fold audience in this presentation:

Presentation Grading

Each individual will be graded on the presentation as described below. Notice that some criteria will be graded on an individual basis and some will be graded on a group basis.

10 pts. Fact Sheet (Individual)
The fact sheet is a single page in which you outline your contributions for the semester. The sheet should use word processing software that can be exported to PDF format. The sheet should be attractively formatted (think “resume”) and should explain what you accomplished this semester. It will contain much of the information you give in your presentation. Attach your PDF document to this assignment in Canvas prior to the due date.
10 pts. Appearance and Conduct (Individual)
Your appearance, manner, and conduct should be professional. This includes the arrangement of your presentation environment and your behavior and demeanor when you and your teammates are presenting.
10 pts. Visual Aid Quality (Individual)
You should not rely on words alone during your presentation. You should provide visual information as well. This may be in the form of a software demo, powerpoint-like slides, handouts, etc. All visual aid should be clearly visible, well-organized, and easy to read in the format given. You should take time to look at colors, sizes, etc., in the medium that will be used in the presentation.
10 pts. Overall Communication Effectiveness (Individual)
When presenting you should captivate the attention of your audience, rather than simply reading a script. The organization of the presentation combined with your delivery and visual aids should work together to paint a clear picture of what you are wanting to accomplish.
10 pts. Group Preparation and Dynamics (Group)
Each group member should participate meaningfully. Transitions between presenters should be smooth. The presentation should come across as a unified whole rather than a set of disjointed, back-to-back, individual presentations. It should be evident that each team member has practiced with the presentation equipment individually as together with the group.
10 pts. Timeliness (Group)
Learning to start and end a presentation on time is an important skill. The presentation should begin on time and should be completged within 10% of the time alotted. In this case, the presentation should last at least 31.5 minutes and should finish before 38.5 minutes. One point will be deducted for each minute outside the 10% grace period.

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