LD10: Docker Basics due Tue 31 Oct 14:45

Preparation for Lab Day

To prepare for lab day do the following:
  1. Watch the videos entitled “About Docker” and “Docker Basics”. Be sure to follow along by typing various commands as they are introduced.
  2. Run the official ubuntu/apache2:2.4-20.04_beta image by following the instructions at: https://hub.docker.com/r/ubuntu/apache2.
  3. Verify that the container is continuing to run and then use docker exec to connect to the container.
  4. Once connected to the container try to do the following tasks and observe that the software needed for these tasks is not install in the container:
    • Use systemctl to determine the status of the apache2 service.
    • Navigate to /var/www/html/ and use a text editor to edit the index.html file.

  5. We can get around these shortcomings by installing the needed software (which we will do in the homework assignment).
  6. You can stop the running container for now.

Lab Day

Begin working through the instructions given for Homework #10