LD01: Linux Command Line due Thu 31 Aug 14:45

Preparation for Lab Day

For this prelab assignment you will need to have access to a Linux/Unix command-line so you can practice with some commands. You can use any of these interfaces for that purpose:

If none of the above options are available to you please notify your instructor on the day this was assigned.

In this prelab assignment you will be watching a series of instructional videos on using a Linux command line. As you watch, occasionally pause the video and practice the commands that are being demonstrated.

In the Canvas Course called “And All the Other Stuff” read/watch and practice with the following lessons:

  1. About Working with a Linux CLI
  2. Linux CLI: Basics
  3. Linux CLI: Files and Directories
  4. Linux CLI: Editing Files
  5. Linux CLI: Permissions

Decide right now whether you will be using vim or nano as your preferred text editor and practice enough with it that you can edit and save files. Go online and find and print a handy cheat sheet for your editor of choice. Upload your selected cheat sheet to the lab day assignment in Canvas prior to the due date.

Lab Day

Begin working through the instructions given for Homework #1