HW13: Using RDS due Mon 24 Apr 12:00

In this assignment you will gain experience in using the AWS RDS service and
integrating an RDS server into an existing project.


This assignment requires:

Some Details

Here are some suggested steps:
  1. Begin by making a copy of your docker directory from the previous assignment. The new directory should be called rdswp. Do you work on the copy so you won't destroy your work from the previous assignment.
  2. You should have already created a free-tier RDS instance and verified you are able to connect to it from your EC2 server.
  3. Modify your docker architecture as follows:
    1. Remove the MySQL container from docker-compose.yml
    2. Add the URL of the RDS server to an environment variable in your .env file.
    3. It is no longer necessary to separate the actions of the installdb script and the add-new-wp-db script. Combine them into a single (installdb) script and modify it to connect to your RDS server rather than the docker container.
    4. Use the modified installdb script to establish databases and users on the RDS instace to support the wordpress containers.
    5. Modify all wordpress containers to utilize the RDS instance.
    6. Fiddle with it until it works!