HW12: Multi-Wordpress via Docker due Mon 17 Apr 12:00

This assignment provides practice in using docker to build a su...
...at will server multiple Wordpress sites from a server via docker.


Your multi-wordpress site docker setup should adhere to the design explained in the video from this week. It will include:
Routing container
Use jwilder/nginx-proxy. This container should connect to port 80 on the localhost and so answer to web requests. It's job is to examine the URL of the request and determine which wordpress instance the request should be forwarded to.
MySQL container
One container will run a MySQL database instance that will be shared among the various wordpress containers. This was completed with the previous assignment.
Let's Encrypt container
Use jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion. Will be used to provide certificates for each server.
Wordpress containers
Each of the three wordpress instances will be in its own container. Two of the three were created in the previous assignment.

Some Guidance

  1. Start by copying the previous homework into a new directory called multiwp and do your work there.
  2. Add some new DNS entries into Route53. Point them all to your server. (I named mine wp1, wp2, wp3).
  3. Take time to read the documentation for the new containers so the examples you look at will make sense.
  4. Start with the URL you found in the prelab assignment and thoughtfully make changes to your YAML file.
  5. You might try to the get the proxy to work first and then later add the Let's Encrypt container.
  6. Leave yourself plenty of time.

Turning In Your Work

When you are finished with this assignment send email to tsergeant@hsutx.edu with instructions on where to find your work on your server. In the same email also specify the hostnames you have created DNS entries for that map to the different WordPress instances.