Homework #06 (Due: Fri 30 Jan)

This assignment requires use of input statements, output stateme...
...substantial than previous assignments
and will be worth 15 points.

For this assignment you will write a simple ``payroll'' program in which the user enters an hourly pay rate and the number of hours worked. You will calculate the wages owed to the employee according to the following chart:

Hours Worked Amount Earned
for up to the first 40 hours straight time
for hours over 40 and up to 60 time and a half
for hours over 60 double time

For example, if a worker's pay rate is $8.50 per hour and they have worked a total of 45 hours during the week, their pay is calculated to be: $(40 \times 8.5) + (5 \times 8.5 \times 1.5) =

Here are some suggestions that I believe will save you quite a bit of time (if you follow them):

Submit your program by email as usual.


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