Homework #05 (Due: Mon 26 Jan)

This assignment provides independent practice in writing a progr...
...er. The computer will
follow the instructions exactly as you say.

For this assignment you will modify the ``dog age'' program you wrote for homework #2. The program for this assignment will obtain a dog's age in human years and calculate the ``dog years'' equivalent as before. In addition to displaying the ``dog years'' age you will display commentary on the dog's age as follows:

if dog years age is 150 or greater say ``Likely story''
if dog years age is 80 up to 150 say ``Hello Grand-dog''
if dog years age is 40 up to 80 say ``Boring!''
if dog years age is 20 up to 40 say ``Get a job!''
if dog years age is under 20 say ``Just a pup!''
As always, mail your completed assignment to cscihomework@hsutx.edu with a subject line of ``P1 Homework #5''.


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