Homework #03 (Due: Wed 21 Jan)

In this assignment you'll be declaring variables and using them ...
...me more comfortable with the process
of writing a working program.

Begin by making a copy of your dog years program. Compile and run the program to make sure you are starting with a working program. Rename the class to GradeCalculator and save it in a file with the same name.

Write a Java program that will have the user enter scores for homework, quizzes, a case study, and two exams. Calculate that person's score for the course assuming that the five scores are weighted based on the syllabus for this course.

Here is an sample run of my program to give you an idea of how yours should behave:

Enter Homework  : 80.4
Enter Quiz      : 74.5
Enter Case Study: 88.7
Enter Midterm   : 94
Enter Final     : 91

Final Grade is: 86.395

As always, submit your solution (the .java file) via email to cscihomework@hsutx.edu with a subject line of ``P1 HW #3''

Once you finish the assignment, feel free to ``play around'' with the program. Just for fun, see what other tasks you can convince your program to accomplish!


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