Homework #21 (Due: Fri 01 May)

This assignment provides practice with implementing a non-OOP, c...
...good opportunity to add functionality and features to
the program.

For this assignment you will create a Player class that stores a player's score and name. The class should define an appropriate constructor and toString() method. You will then use an array of Player objects to implement the game. As with the previous program, the overall design can remain very similar to your original approach.

This version represents a non-object oriented programming (non-OOP) approach to using classes.

The program will be graded according to these criteria:

Correctness/Completeness 12 pts
Documentation 2 pts
Design/Structure 6 pts
Total 20 pts

Submit your programs by bringing a stapled printout of your source code to the final exam. In addition, mail your source code to the homework email account.


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