Homework #20 (Due: Fri 24 Apr)

This assignment provides an opportunity to modify and existing p...
... use arrays to provide functionality that was not feasible before.


In this assignment you will rewrite homework #19 so that prior to playing a game, the user is prompted to choose the number of players (up to 10). We will continue to assume that only one of those players will be the user and that the other players will be computer players. The rules of the game will remain unchanged.

To accomplish this change, you should use two arrays: one to store each player's score and the other to store each player's name. Depending on your original design and how you implement the changes you may need to re-write some of the methods. Remember to draw pictures of your arrays and to use those pictures to understand what you want to accomplish.

Try to make your changes incrementally rather than attempting to fix the entire program all at once. This may require that you temporarily comment out various sections of your program and implement your changes from the the bottom-up just as if you were writing it from scratch.

Remember to work on it every day and to enjoy the process!

Grading Criteria

When turning in your program, you should bring a printout of your source code to class. In addition you should email a copy of your source code to the homework account:

The coding portion of this assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:

Correctness/Completeness 10 pts
Documentation 3 pts
Design/Structure 7 pts
Total 20 pts

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