Homework #02 (Due: Fri 16 Jan)

Success in the course is tied directly to your independent and s...
...em gain experience in submitting source code by email


If you have not done so already get a copy of (available at the course website and in /home/data from JB 202 computers). Take time to run the program and to examine the source to make sure you have a general idea of how the program works. Then rename the class to DogYears and save the change under the appropriate name. Then modify the program so that it asks for a dog's age (in human years) and then displays the dog's age in dog years. NOTE: 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years.

When you have completed the assignment and tested your program to verify that it works correctly, email your source code (i.e., the file) to this account: with a subject line of ``P1 Homework #2''.

Have fun!

P.S. Once you finish the assignment, feel free to ``play around'' with the program. Just for fun, see what other tasks you can convince your program to accomplish!


Here is information regarding where to find the software we've using in class. You are not required to download/install these programs ... but you want to, you'll need to obtain two free downloads:
Java Standard Edition:
Visit and click on the ``Download JDK'' button for JDK 7u11. Follow the instructions for your operating system and be sure to read the provided installation instructions.

Visit and click on the ``Download'' link. Select the appropriate download for your operating system and follow the provided installation instructions.

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