Homework #15 (Due: Mon 16 Mar)

This assignment provides more practice in organizing a program u...
...hods. Also you will practice trapping errors when accepting input.


In this assignment you will re-write your payroll program from homework #6 to make use of methods. In particular you should write two methods (besides main):

So, the main program will consist of three method calls along with an output statement to display the taxes owed.

Submission of Programs / Grading Criteria

When turning in your program, you should bring a printout of your source code to class. In addition you should email a copy of your source code to the homework account.

Recall that each method should have a description of it's purpose as part of the documentation. Your program will be graded according to the following criteria:

Correctness/Completeness 10 pts
Documentation 3 pts
Design/Structure 7 pts
Total 20 pts

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