HW02: Phonetic Spell Checker due Fri 09 Sep 10:00

This program requires a variety of programming skills including ...
...g a class written by someone else, and working with
a linked list.


The instructions for the assignment are given here: https://youtu.be/rl11veaPqPU

After watching the video, create a hand-written UML diagram. Take a picture of it for your records and give the physical document to the instructor on the day the assignment is given (NOT the due date).

Sample Output

Here is a small snippet of the output produced by my program for this assignment:
Suggestions for 'dotings': tidings tattings
Suggestions for 'maketh':
Suggestions for 'lookest': luckiest loggiest locust likest leggiest ...
   .         .          .
   .         .          .
   .         .          .
Suggestions for 'coincidings': conceiting conceding coinciding  ...
Suggestions for 'halfspent':
Words in Dictionary: 355097
Words Checked      : 155401
Words Not Found    : 631
Time Spent Loading : x.xx seconds
Time Spent Parsing : y.yy seconds
Total Time Spent   : z.zz seconds


Prior to the due date you will push your completed work to your repository where it will be graded. Your program will be graded according the following criteria:

OOP Design 5 pts
Correctness/Completeness 20 pts
Documentation/Conventions 3 pts
Unit Tests 6 pts
Version Control 2 pts
Total 36 pts

Here are details regarding expectations for each category listed above:

OOP Design
Full credit is earned if the design is presented in the correct format, on-time, follows OOP design principles, and does not require substantial modification to be implemented.
Full credit is earned if the program meets all requirements and if it works correctly without any needed tweaks or modifications.
Full credit is earned if all classes and methods are documented using JavaDoc format and if Java programming conventions are followed. The specific guidelines can be found here: https://hsutx.instructure.com/files/folder/courses_13381?preview=3026424
Unit Tests
Full credit is given if every major section of code is covered by unit tests that provide excellent coverage of the functionality of the the program. This may require some refactoring of your code to allow for programmatic measurement of its components.
Version Control
Full credit is given if there are a reasonable number of commits throughout the assignment (one commit is not enough) and if those commits have been pushed to your bitbucket account prior to the due date.