HW01: Intellij+CoPilot Setup due Fri 01 Sep 10:00

This assignment introduces the toolset and processes we will be using for the programming assignments this semester.


This semester you will be submitting homework using a homework git repository as we did in Program Design 2. The URL for repository from which I'll be providing resources is: https://tsergeant@bitbucket.org/tsergeant/ds_homework.git. The video instructions for this assignment walk you through setup procedures for it.

For this assignment you will watch the 5 videos provided here: https://hsutx.instructure.com/courses/13381/pages/using-intellij+copilot-in-data-structures?module_item_id=638428

As you watch the videos you will follow along doing everything demostrated in them. By the end you should have:


Prior to the due date you will push your completed work to your repository where it will be graded.

This program (and every other program you write this semester) should conform to the documentation guidelines and Java conventions outlined here: https://hsutx.instructure.com/files/folder/courses_13381?preview=3026424

Your program will be graded according the following criteria:

Correctness/Completeness 16 pts
Documentation 2 pts
Conventions 2 pts
Total 20 pts