HW14: MongoDB Design due Mon 24 Apr 13:00

This assignment provides practice with designing a database for MongoDB.


You will design a database, populate it with a script, and perform an aggregate query to display data from it. Your script will will saved as hw14.js.

As in the previous assignment the final script should begin with a command to remove all data from existing collections so that each time the script is run there is a clean starting point. The hw14.js file should be executable by the provided mongoexec script on csci.hsutx.edu.

Database Details

Suppose you are creating a database for a web-based business that serves customers across the world. The database will need to store information about customers, purchases, and countries. Information that must be stored or able to be calculated by queries:

Your design should have more than one collection and should make appropriate use of nested documents. After you have written a script to create and populate your collection write an aggregate lookup query to combine your collections and display results from them.

Grading and Submission

In Canvas, upload your final working hw14.js script that shows your design and implementation.