Inline CSS and Colors due Tue 12 Sep 13:20

In this assignment you will select a color scheme for your site...
...e inline CSS to structure the home page according to your design.

Color Schemes

Often sites are built around a color scheme that makes use of so-called complementary colors (i.e., those that appear opposite one another on a ``color wheel''). To choose a color scheme and to get ideas for your own site take a moment to visit a variety of sites. Designers call this process ``finding inspiration''. Find three sites you particular like from an aesthetic standpoint and save their URLs for later use.

There are several ways to select a color scheme. Try as many of these approaches as necessary until you have some colors you feel comfortable with:

Inline CSS

Begin by copying your project files from hw01 to hw02. Then make modifications to your project in hw02. Use inline CSS commands to structure your site as rectangles to match your drawn design from homework #1. The page should have a fixed-width design that centers itself in the browser. Your site should also be styled in accordance with your color scheme.

In addition to the existing content you should add the following information on your site:

  1. If you site has a menu add links to the three sites you chose as your design inspiration. If you do not have a menu then add the links to one of your content panels.
  2. In one of your content panels display the RGB values you are using for your color scheme (e.g., background: #eeeeee, text: #222222, headers: #888888, etc.). This would likely be in the form of a list.


This assignment is graded out of 20 points with 4 of those points being allocated to aesthetics. As you know aesthetics is a somewhat subjective measure so I don't know exactly how to tell you how you can be guaranteed to earn all of those points. What I can tell, however, is that students who spend a substantial amount of time working with various colors and layouts tend to have better looking results than those who do the minimum amount of work and don't tweak their original design and color choices.

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