Implementation due Tue 25 Apr 14:45

In this assignment you will implement a solution to the specifi...
...ode reviews and learn how to adjust plans as requirements change.

Progress Reports

By the end of this phase, the project should be completely working. In the Trello list having your name create a card named Implementation where you will document your progress. The card should contain a checklist of things you have worked on in the past and things you intend to work on in the future.

On Tuesday of each week in the implementation phase of the project (beginning with Feb 07) you will write a progress report. To do so, create a text document (named weekXY, where XY is the week number 01, 02, ... 10). The document will be submitted in two ways:

The text document should have the following form:

	Progress Report Due Date
	Project Title

	I spent approximately xx hours on the project this week.

	The milestone for this week was ...

	What I actually accomplished for this week was ...

	Updated Milestones
	Week #X: Goal for the next week
	Week #Y: Goal for the week after that
	Week #Z: Goal for the third week

Each progress report will be evaluated using the following template:

1 pts Attendance to Class Meetings that week
2 pts Time invested (9-12 hours per week including class time is expected)
2 pts Document submitted on time and contained the required elements
5 pts Total

There are 10 required progress reports for a total of 50 points.

Other Grading

The remaining 300 points for the implementation grade will assigned as follows:

200 points group grade based on the completeness, correctness, and robustness of the final product as a whole
100 points individual grade based on the completeness, correctness, and robustness of the parts of the project that were primarily your responsibility

The Target

The target of what we are trying to achieve will be defined in class using the problem definition from the first assignment as a starting point.

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