How Scanner Works due Wed 24 Jan 10:00

In this assignment you will:
\item Read abou...
...tinue working with {\tt git} from the command-line

Preparation for Lab Day

Do these steps:
  1. In your workspace, make sure you have the latest homework files from the base repository (git pull origin).
  2. Carefully read the document docs/howScannerWorks.txt taking time to experiment with and
  3. Properly fix
  4. Commit your improvement to
  5. Push your improvement to your homework repository (git push mine).

Lab Day

  1. Begin by getting your most recent homework snapshot on a workspace in the computer lab. If you are bringing a laptop with you and your local repository is on the laptop, just start work on your laptop. If your workspace is on a remote desktop, begin by logging in to your account on a lab computer and pulling from your hosted repository into the local repository we created on the first lab day.

  2. Show the instructor the modifications you made to to make it work properly.

  3. Copy the source code from the hw01 folder to the hw02 folder.

  4. Open the file tinymovielist.txt and study its structure. Once you understand how it is formulated jot down the Scanner commands you think would need to be inside a loop in order to correctly read the entries from the file into your arrays.

  5. In the hw02 folder modify the source file to correctly implement and call the loadMovies() method to behave according to its documentation.

  6. Show your work to the instructor.

  7. Once you have the loadMovies() method working properly go ahead and commit your changes to your local repository.

  8. Push the changes in your local repository to your hosted repository.

  9. If you finish early begin work on the homework assignment.

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