LRU/FIFO Report due Mon 17 Apr 11:00

This assignment is a contination of the previous assignment and...
...ogram and presenting them
in a meaningful manner

Write a Report

In this assignment you will continue work with the same partner as in homework #5. In this assignment the two of you will test your memory usage simulation program by running it (and recording results) at least 20 times for each algorithm. In your gathering of statistics you should vary memory sizes and number of memory references with the goal of identifying trends/results.

Once you have collected the data, write a report that includes the following parts:

It is up to each team to decide how the responsibilities of the creating the report will be split. Each team member should contribute to the report in some meaningful way. Do keep in mind that one of the questions answered on the report asks who did what.


The report needs to be provided as a PDF and will be turned in two ways:
  1. Attach the PDF in Canvas to the homework assignment.
  2. Place the report in the git repository from the previous assignment and make sure it is pushed to BitBucket.

One way to create a PDF document is to write it using Google Docs and then export it as a PDF.

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