Freedom Reins Ranch

Hope                Guide              Trust                Persevere

Mission Statement

Hope for the future. Guiding children. Building trust. Persevere through. Freedom for all!


Freedom Reins Ranch is a non-profit organization located just outside Abilene, TX in the quaint town of Clyde! FRR is a mentorship program in which children from the surrounding communities are able to come and work with a horse alongside a mentor. We are a faith-based organization. We believe Jesus is the Son of God and we work to show Christ’s love. Our program is modeled after Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, OR (



From Abilene, take I-20 E towards Dallas/Ft. Worth. Get off at exit 300/FM 604 and go South/Right on FM 604. Drive about 3 miles, and then turn right onto County Road 254. CR 254 is where 604 does an “S” bend and the speed limit changes to 35mph for the curve. Go down CR 254 about ¾ mile and turn left when you see white pipe fencing and a divided paved road with big trees in the middle.   To get a Google Map for directions use the following search: 7500 County Road 254, Clyde, Callahan, Texas 79510.


Who we serve

Children from the surrounding communities between the ages of 7 and 18. There are no restrictions or limitations as to who can come. We believe that God will bring the right people to the ranch!



All kinds of volunteers are needed and appreciated! Any volunteer working directly with children will be required to undergo a background check. We always need volunteers to help take care of the horses, do jobs around the ranch, help with office work, and many other tasks that keep the ranch running.  Please email or call for more information.


Operating Hours

We are open by appointment only. Please call ahead of time if you would like your child to participate in our program and we can schedule a time to take you on a tour of the ranch. We look forward to visiting with you and showing you around!



We currently have 4 horses; Irridescent, Cash, Mate, and Shiloh.  Irridescent was a champion cutting horse in her previous career, but she has settled down now and loves to help kids learn about horsemanship. Shiloh came to us from another family in the area and loves people! She is a big sweetheart and is extraordinarily gentle and easy-going.  Cash is our big boy, and he has a big heart to match his large size. Mate is a fun-loving horse.  She loves to eat!  She is a very curious soul. Currently we do not allow children to ride on Cash and Mate, but visitors can enjoy spending time with them petting and grooming them. Shiloh and Irridescent are available for visitors to ride on if the staff and child feel comfortable with the match.



               Shiloh                                                                      Irridescent


Mike and Jenny Roetheli founded Freedom Reins Ranch in 2010. When Mike was in the military and we were living in North Dakota, we began to feel called to a ministry involving children and horses. We were not sure exactly what we wanted to do or what we were supposed to do! Then, Mike got out of the Air Force and was offered a job in Colorado. While living in Colorado, Mike began to volunteer at a horse therapy program and the dream of opening our own ranch to help children became clearer. As we began dreaming more about our ranch, we learned of a similar program in Oregon—Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. We visited CPYR and learned how they started their program and we became more excited about establishing a ranch similar to it! Jenny is from Amarillo, and we knew we wanted to move back to Texas, so we began to look for places in Texas that didn’t already have similar ministries. We found several possible cities, but after visiting them, we knew those were not the right places. After searching a while longer, we came across a ranch in Clyde that looked promising. After visiting the property and praying for guidance, we realized that it was perfect for what God had planned for us to accomplish!


How you can help





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     Items (some examples listed below, but the list is not all inclusive)

            Horse Tack:  Saddles, Helmets, Bridles, Halters, Lead Ropes, Reins, Brushes, Combs

            Horse Feed


We are a 501 (c) (3), therefore all donations are tax deductible.



We do not charge for children to come to the ranch. We rely solely on donations from the community!


Contact Us

Our phone number is (325) 627-4165