HW: DB Design due Tue 25 Apr 10:30

This assignment begins a process of designing and implementing ...
...design and in representing your
design using a UML-like diagram.

The database you choose to design in this assignment will be used as a basis for a following homework assignment. Do each of the following steps:

  1. (2 pts) Choose a database project idea by thinking about times you've encountered a situation in which it might have been useful to have a database. Write a sentence or a short paragraph describing the purpose and scope of the database. Your database should require at least three tables.
  2. (6 pts) List the kinds of queries/reports/information such a database should report. Put in writing at least three queries/reports you will plan to build. At least one of them should involve grouping.
  3. (3 pts) Write a list of all individual data items you would need to store to accomplish the queries/reports you named in step 2.
  4. (9 pts) Use a UML diagram to show how the tables should be constructed. Be sure to create a separate ``joining table'' for each many-to-many relationship. Be sure to specify the cardinality of the relationships among the tables and to identify primary keys by underlining them.

On the due date bring a hand-written solution or a printed solution to the steps described above.

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