HW: Using Access due Tue 04 Apr 10:30

By completing this assignment you will demonstrate proficiency in using MS
Access to query and report on an existing database.


Use the contributors.accdb database provided at the course website as a starting point.

Establish a relationship between the two tables. (2 pts)

Create queries named as given below, to accomplish each of the following tasks:

  1. (2 pts) Ordered Contributors: A list of all contributors along with their contact information, ordered by last name then by first name.
  2. (2 pts) Contributors from Bastrop: Same as 1 except only show contributors who are from Bastrop, TX.
  3. (2 pts) Contributors by State: Same as 2 except prompt the user to specify which city and state they want to see listed.
  4. (2 pts) Contributors Over 1000: A list of all contributions of $1000 or more ordered with largest contributions first; include the name of the individuals who made those contributions.
  5. (2 pts) Count Contributors from TX: The number of donors who are from Texas.
  6. (3 pts) Count Contributions Made in December: The number of donations made in the month of December.
  7. (3 pts) Count Contributors per City: A list of cities from which contributions were received along with the number of contributions and the total amount contributed; results should be ordered with the cities with the largest number of contributions shown first.

Create a report named Big Contributors based on the Contributors Over 1000 query that gives a nicely formatted list of those contributors. (2 pts)

Turn in your completed database file by uploading it in Canvas.

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