WordPress: First Steps due Tue 07 Feb 10:30

In completing this assignment you will:
\item Create placeholder pages for your site

Some Details

In the assignments you will install a second WordPress site which will serve as your project for the semester. To install the new site it is assumed you remember the steps you went through in the previous assignments. If you don't remember those steps feel free to look back at the previous instructions.

  1. Decide on a canonical name for your site and, if necessary, create a subdomain name to support it.
  2. Install a new WordPress site. Set the name, subtitle, admin account info, etc. This time carefully choose a theme that fits your content. You can view demo sites for the various themes listed at the bottom of the install page and see what you like or don't like. All of the themes listed in the install script are responsive. Take you time in selecting a theme. Imagine how your content might fit with the demo site. When you try to install you may get a warning about overwriting an existing .htaccess file. If so, have the install script overwrite the existing file and continue with the install.
  3. Once you have created the site log in to the new site's admin URL and customize permalinks to be: /%category%/%title%/
  4. Visit the Media menu entry and upload all media files you compiled during your content inventory.
  5. Create a new page (not a post) called "Home" that is a placeholder for your home page. Other than a simple title don't spend time working on this page.
  6. Visit Settings->Reading and select ``Static page'' for Front Page Displays. Then select your home page from the dropdown. No need to select anything for the posts dropdown.
  7. Take time to create additional placeholder pages for each of the pages you have planned for your site.

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