Content Inventory due Tue 31 Jan 10:30

A content inventory defines what content you intend to have at ...
...king'' it will drive the design and
implementation of your site.

Turning in Your Work

As with the previous assignment you will submit your work via a shared Google document. Rather than creating a second, separate document you should add the work from this assignment to your existing document as follows:
  1. Rename your document to: ``YourFirstName YourLastName: My Website''
  2. Put a large title at the beginning of your existing work called ``Site Plan''
  3. Put a page break at the end of your existing work and add a new matching title for this assignment called ``Site Inventory''
  4. As before, provide the URL for your document when submitting your assignment in Canvas.

What to Do

The specific pages that belong on a site are, of course, unique to that site. In this assignment we want to identify the pages/features you intend to implement on your website. In your Google doc under the new heading answer these questions:

  1. List components you want to have included on the home page.
  2. Write the exact content you want to appear on your home page. Generally, it is good to ``spice up'' the home page by using photos/sliders, informational boxes, headers, logos, menus, excellent content, etc.
  3. What images/videos are to be included on the site? (e.g., logo, picture of CEO, intro video, etc.) If you need an image and it is not immediately available, say so. Otherwise, paste your images into the document.
  4. Identify what pages/features you want your site to include. For each, if appropriate and available, specify content or source for content. Some elements to consider are:
    1. About us
    2. Contact us
    3. Privacy policy
    4. Frequently asked questions
    5. Products or services
    6. Testimonials/reviews/awards
    7. Certifications or trust marks
    8. Calendar
    9. Location or driving directions
    10. Customer support or help

NOTE: Gathering content, text, and pictures is not an especially rewarding task. However, if you get this done early it will help focus the design of your site. Notice the point value for this assignment. I will be grading based on how thoroughly you have compiled your content.

The goal of this assignment is to, as much as possible, have a list of all pages you want your site to have and as much content that will be on those pages as possible. Be sure to put your name and date at the top of your document!

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