Site Plan due Tue 24 Jan 10:30

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also addresses the role played by competitors.

Creating a Site Plan

In this assignment you need to choose a business or organization for which you will create a website. Then answer the following questions. Your answers should be recorded using Google drive document which you share with your instructor:

NOTE: To complete this assignment you will need to have a Google/Gmail account. If you do not already have one you can create one for free by visiting and creating a free account. To create a shareable document, log in to your gmail account and click the icon that looks like a 9-key keypad in the upper right. From that menu select "Drive" ... then click ``New -> Google Docs'' to start a new document. To share the document click the ``Share'' button and enter the instructor's gmail address.

Your site planning document should be nicely formatted and should answer each of the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the business or organization?
  2. What is the purpose of having this website? (i.e., what do you want the site to accomplish?)
  3. Who is the intended audience?
  4. What behaviors do you want the intended audience to demonstrate after visiting the site? (purchase something, make a decision, learn something)
  5. How will you measure the success of your website?
  6. List three websites of competitors (or similar organizations) and for each site listed above answer these questions:
    1. What features do you like and would like to emulate?
    2. What missing features or poorly conceived features do you want to avoid?
    3. What appears to be the site's purpose? Does it effectively accomplish that purpose?
    4. What will your site provide that is not available at the competitor site?

NOTE: The questions should be repeated in your document to provide clarity. Be sure to put your name and date at the top!

Turning in Your Work

To turn in your work you will need to take two steps:
  1. Share your Google Doc with the instructor (
  2. Prior to the beginning of class on the due date, in Canvas, submit the assignment by pasting in the URL of your document

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