MS Access Intro due Thu 31 Aug 10:30

This assignment will introduce the concepts of tables, relation...
...and help to \lq\lq put a
face'' with the concepts discussed in class.
\end{purpose} Use MS Access to create a database that has the structure and contents of the example given in the class notes. In addition to creating and populating the tables, create two saved/named queries as follows:
All Albums
A list of all albums in the database showing the artist's name, the album title, the year of the album, and the genre name associated with the album. The list should be ordered by artist name first and then in descending order of album year.
Albums 2005
The same information as All Albums except show only albums produced in 2005.

To submit this assignment do both of the following:

  1. Upload your MS Access database file in Canvas.
  2. Bring a printout of the All Albums query to class.

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